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Who we are

Worldclear is a specialist financial institution focused on providing international corporate and institutional customers with transactional banking services (disclaimer: Worldclear is not a registered bank, refer here for more details on regulatory status). Worldclear provides a fresh approach to legal compliance, core business processes of account opening, and activation of banking services. Being based in and regulated under the laws of New Zealand provides considerable advantage to Worldclear and its customers, including:

  • a modern and well-regulated home base for this kind of international financial service

  • clear and effective financial services regulations and supervision

  • availability of efficient and recognised professional, financial and IT services/providers

  • excellent reputation, effective and efficient Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Finanancing of Terrorism measures and supervision, as required by the international financial service providers with whom we have relationships

  • effective and accessible customer protections and dispute resolution service

  • no local taxes on customer funds or transactions (e.g. no wealth or asset taxes, no estate tax/inheritance taxes/duties, no gift duty, no wealth taxes, no capital gains taxes, no stamp or cheque duties, no taxes on interest earned on non-resident customer deposits)

  • good customer data and privacy protection standards.

Worldclear's application, account opening, and banking service activation processes are designed to provide a streamlined, robust and prompt service to international corporate and institutional customers. 

Worldclear is a registered Financial Service Provider, but not a registered bank within the meaning of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Act 1989. Refer to compliance for more information on regulation.

Worldclear's Service Providers

Worldclear's business strategy is to develop good relationships with leading service providers that can be relied on to help deliver its banking services reliably, efficiently and economically.

S.W.I.F.T. SARL (Brussels, Belgium). Worldclear is a connected member with BIC WORCNZ22.

DJ Turner

DJ Turner and Associates in Wellington are the company's financial auditor.


EBANQ provides and hosts the online banking software.  




iCLAW in Hamilton are Worldclear's legal advisers.


Compliance Plus

Compliance plus in Wellington is Worldclear's AML/CFT compliance auditor.



Membercheck in Sydney, Australia are Worldclear's PEP, sanctions and special interest screening provider for AML/CFT and customer risk screening.


VPS City Auckland

VPS City in Auckland provide server, hosting, and related IT services to Worldclear.


Worldclear uses a number of bank and non-bank financial service providers in New Zealand and overseas other countries to provide international and local payments.


All names and images identify their respective providers and no affiliation or endorsement is suggested or implied.